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A professional web designer, fantastic value for money.

Strange Design is responsible for our stylish new website!


Stuart Howe Photography

A professional photographer, very good value for money.

Stuarts photography is viewable throughout the website.


Trinity Vetinary Centre –

A specialist exotics vet, Mark provides a great knowledgeable service with the animals health being top priority.

His pricing is also very reasonable.


Euro Rep (HabiStat)

Euro Rep manufacture the HabiStat range of reptile products including HabiStat heat mats & HabiStat thermostats.
I exclusively use all HabiStat branded heating and temperature controlling devices in my collection.


F10 Biocare

The F10 disinfectant range is used in many of the world’s leading veterinary hospitals and is widely recognised as being the most effective means to keep you, and the animals in your care, safe from disease.
I use F10 cleaning products/disinfectants within my collection.


FBH Society (Federation of British Herpetologists)

The federation of british herpetologists exists to promote and support the responsible keeping of reptiles and amphibians by individuals in the UK.
Show your support by becoming a member and donate.


Cold Blooded Movements (Reptile Courier)

Specialist reptile couriers, covering all of the UK.
I trust and regularly use Kev and Kelly’s courier services.


About Us

I am a UK hobbyist and breeder of reptiles, specialising in Brazilian Rainbow Boas. I am also home to the Leopard Phase Brazilian Rainbow Boa - a highly prized project of mine. I aim to produce high quality reptiles, giving you after sales help or advice, to ensure that your pet has a good and healthy standard of life. All reptiles available are AS-Exotics bred unless stated.

Currently Available

DJ-1711 - Female - £50

See the available section for more information.

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