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Leopard Boy

I purchased a CB03 male Brazilian Rainbow Boa back in October 2008 from a nice gentleman who was selling him due to moving away, I noticed that this Brazilian Rainbow Boa had a lot more speckling on his sides than my others but never really thought it could turn out to be anything special.

He was paired to a CB01 Female Brazilian Rainbow Boa called “Rio” who was a very mature un-bred female, the pair were introduced in April-May 2009 with locks being witnessed in May. Thankfully the pairing was succesful & “Rio” then went on to drop a gorgeous litter of 20 healthy live babies & 1 slug (infertile ova).

Upon removing the babies from the birthing box, I noticed that this litter was very varied with there being an array of colours/patterns.


I noticed that certain neonates stood out but didn’t want to disturb them too much so they were left to settle & have their first shed. After shedding I clearly noticed that nearly half of the clutch expressed the fathers pattern “Leopard Boy” which is heavy speckling of the sides, I also noticed that the neonates who inherited this pattern also had different head marking to the siblings which expressed the Normal Brazilian Rainbow Boa patterning.

I am hoping that this will become a proven morph as it has been passed on to around half of the litter & to test this theory, I will be doing the same pairing (Leopard Boy x Rio) once the female is in good condition to breed again. I have also kept back neonates to pair certain siblings together when they reach breeding size, this will be a long but exciting project for me which I hope proves out, there may even be a super phase to come?

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I am a UK hobbyist and breeder of reptiles, specialising in Brazilian Rainbow Boas. I am also home to the Leopard Phase Brazilian Rainbow Boa - a highly prized project of mine. I aim to produce high quality reptiles, giving you after sales help or advice, to ensure that your pet has a good and healthy standard of life. All reptiles available are AS-Exotics bred unless stated.

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Thought I'd say a few words about the Corn Snakes I have bought from Anthony. After many years of not breeding any corns I decided I'd like to just have a few again, but they had to be top quality high end morphs. I really wanted to get back into them at a hi morph level right away. The Bloodred Lavender mix really interested me, so I was lucky enough to see Anthonys ads, not only do these snakes fit in just nicely to my plans, but also will insure I have some great top quality corns to offer. The future looks really good. Thanks Anthony
Pete Q, Havant

Purchased a 2 month old Brazilian Rainbow Boa from AS-Exotics and can’t say how pleased i am with both the snake and the overall experience of buying from them. Lovely snake, lovely temperament, couldn’t ask for anything more. Anyone looking to invest should use Anthony and his services.
Peter, Liverpool

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