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Leopard Boy

I purchased a CB03 male Brazilian Rainbow Boa back in October 2008 from a nice gentleman who was selling him due to moving away, I noticed that this Brazilian Rainbow Boa had a lot more speckling on his sides than my others but never really thought it could turn out to be anything special.

He was paired to a CB01 Female Brazilian Rainbow Boa called “Rio” who was a very mature un-bred female, the pair were introduced in April-May 2009 with locks being witnessed in May. Thankfully the pairing was succesful & “Rio” then went on to drop a gorgeous litter of 20 healthy live babies & 1 slug (infertile ova).

Upon removing the babies from the birthing box, I noticed that this litter was very varied with there being an array of colours/patterns.


I noticed that certain neonates stood out but didn’t want to disturb them too much so they were left to settle & have their first shed. After shedding I clearly noticed that nearly half of the clutch expressed the fathers pattern “Leopard Boy” which is heavy speckling of the sides, I also noticed that the neonates who inherited this pattern also had different head marking to the siblings which expressed the Normal Brazilian Rainbow Boa patterning.

I am hoping that this will become a proven morph as it has been passed on to around half of the litter & to test this theory, I will be doing the same pairing (Leopard Boy x Rio) once the female is in good condition to breed again. I have also kept back neonates to pair certain siblings together when they reach breeding size, this will be a long but exciting project for me which I hope proves out, there may even be a super phase to come?

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I am a UK hobbyist and breeder of reptiles, specialising in Brazilian Rainbow Boas. I am also home to the Leopard Phase Brazilian Rainbow Boa - a highly prized project of mine. I aim to produce high quality reptiles, giving you after sales help or advice, to ensure that your pet has a good and healthy standard of life. All reptiles available are AS-Exotics bred unless stated.

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Bought a BRB from Anthony last year, the snake was superb, the knowledge, and communication was all excellent, would recommend as exotics, to anyone wanting a brb.
Kevin and Tracy, Lowestoft

Anthony has been a great help from first enquiry to delivery of two stunning young BRBs. It's been many years since I kept this species, but Anthony has offered great advice. The two snakes I purchased from Anthony were chosen after he spent a lot of time taking and sending pictures for me to choose from (since we're at opposite ends of the country!), including some at very unsociable hours - a great testament to making sure I got the animals I really liked. Very healthy, inquisitive and eager feeding animals, who arrived in perfect condition. Great service is appreciated - and I can't recommend his snakes enough. Beautiful!
Greig, Glasgow

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