Based in Surrey, United Kingdom (UK).

I am a hobbyist breeder specialising in the care & captive breeding of Brazilian Rainbow Boas, including morphs.

I have kept a range of Reptiles including various species of Lizards, Snakes including Colubrids, Royal Python Morphs, Common Boas etc but my passion lies firmly with Brazilian Rainbow Boas. My goal is to produce the highest quality animals offering before/after sales help, where customer satisfaction is guaranteed!

After acquiring my first Brazilian Rainbow Boa in 2006, my interests grew which resulted in increasing the collection with interests in breeding. I have had good success in breeding them with my first breeding taking place in 2007.

Brazilian Rainbow Boas have always been a firm favourite of mine, and while having kept Normals for a number of years, I thought it was time to submerse in to the exciting range of colour and pattern morphs.

I have worked hard at building & maintaining my collection in which I aim to produce the finest Brazilian Rainbow Boas around.

Please take the time to check out my collection & available offspring.

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I am a UK hobbyist and breeder of reptiles, specialising in Brazilian Rainbow Boas. I am also home to the Leopard Phase Brazilian Rainbow Boa - a highly prized project of mine. I aim to produce high quality reptiles, giving you after sales help or advice, to ensure that your pet has a good and healthy standard of life. All reptiles available are AS-Exotics bred unless stated.

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DJ-1704 - Male - £70

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