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I am based in Surrey, United Kingdom (UK).

I am a hobbyist breeder specializing in the care & captive breeding of Brazilian Rainbow Boas (including Morphs).

I have had the pleasure of working with many species of Reptiles but my true passion lies with Brazilian Rainbow Boas. I have worked hard at building & maintaining my collection in which I aim to produce the finest Brazilian Rainbow Boas around.

I pride myself in offering the best customer service possible along with providing healthy quality snakes & the testimonials sent in by customers speak for themselves.

About Us

I am a UK hobbyist and breeder of reptiles, specialising in Brazilian Rainbow Boas. I am also home to the Leopard Phase Brazilian Rainbow Boa - a highly prized project of mine. I aim to produce high quality reptiles, giving you after sales help or advice, to ensure that your pet has a good and healthy standard of life. All reptiles available are AS-Exotics bred unless stated.

Currently Available

SB-RI-1310 - Male - £90

See the available section for more information.

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Very pleased with the Amel Corn I bought from you, great condition, lovely snake! Great doing business with you.
Peter, Essex

Thought I'd say a few words about the Corn Snakes I have bought from Anthony. After many years of not breeding any corns I decided I'd like to just have a few again, but they had to be top quality high end morphs. I really wanted to get back into them at a hi morph level right away. The Bloodred Lavender mix really interested me, so I was lucky enough to see Anthonys ads, not only do these snakes fit in just nicely to my plans, but also will insure I have some great top quality corns to offer. The future looks really good. Thanks Anthony
Pete Q, Havant

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